Sunday, October 25, 2009

what is this

As the name of my blog states, the whole "blogging" scene is all new for me. I am Helen and all i want to do is get my hsc, get a communications degree, move to new york and work for a magazine. Nothing will stop me from doing this but right now i am suppost to be studying for my school certificate which really sucks but i plan to really pick up my act for year eleven and twelve. I figured that blogging would be a better use of my time than facebook because I get to practice writing. I don't really know where to go from that but I am sure I will get the hang of it soon enough. I am saving my money for a trip to Vietnam next year where I will experience many new things, I was talking about Vietnam to a friend today and she said i just had to start a blog so I could write about my travels when I go.. I decided to start now, and before i get to boring i will finish my first entry (with many more to come!)
cya laterrrrrrrr 


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog (and FOLLOWING IT!!!)I'll make sure to give you a shout out!...And why Vietnam? Not that I have anything against it (my mom's 100% Vietnamese, making me 50)...And New York would be FRIGGIN WONDERFUL!!!

    I'll be waiting for more!!! :)

    Oh and a bizarre collection I have (I see it says you like to know them in your profile) is Collecting leaves (i dry them and keep them, but I also like to do photography and use them), lamps and bottle tops (you know, the ones the have buttons on them to show they are opened?).

  2. Helen,

    happy to see you start blogging. When I was your age, I too had similar dreams and guess what, i got there. Its a whole load of hard work, but I enjoyed it a lot because it was getting me what I would cherish throughout my life. I started blogging quite late compared to you. I started when I was in college studying Psychology.

    About your trip to Vietnam, all the very best!
    There is another wonderful place I can suggest you must visit as am sure you are gonna love it. India. I am from India and if you don't have enough reason o visit, I shall invite you for my wedding. What say??

    Enjoy blogging and keep at it regularly. The more you write and the more you reader, the better writer you shall be..

    Will wait to read your upcoming posts .


  3. put on the follow me widget.. would help us keep track of your new posts promptly.

    Do study too... That is what will ultimately be needed to help you get to your dream apart from the writing skills.