Monday, October 26, 2009

500 days of not studying

All night I should have been studying for my exam tomorrow. I have not. I decided to watch 500 days of summer which was incredible... I love love love love Zooey Deschanel and the story line really impressed me. It was about love instead of being a love story. It got me thinking about why relationships end so much easier today then they used too and the reason I do not know, I really would like to know. I don't have much more to write really just that I'm thinking about love and why it ends, how people fall in love and how they fall out of love


  1. i'll follow you! welcome to the blogging world! :)I saw a couple zooey deschanel things (the first one was this Oz thing-im not sure thats what it was called) she's pretty good!

  2. good.. nice to see you blogging regularly even when " you don't have much to write" .

    Lesson 1 : brush up on editing your posts. there are small typo and spelling mistakes that creep in and are very normal especially when we are typing at an unbelievably high speed. As a magazine writer, editing your own writing is gonna be one of the biggest start practicing .

    Your writing style is good. Especially loved the way you presented your About Me on your profile.

    Keep blogging!