Thursday, October 29, 2009

sand art

this was one of the most amazing videos I have ever seen. She is so talented and sand art is really hard.
i am in total awe. Just watch

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

oh emily,

My best friend's name is Emily and she wants to be a writer, we plan to move to New York together. 
Last night she posted this not on facebook, she had written it and tagged me in it. She is Beautiful and a super talented writer.

"Inspire me to be an individual and different as I yern to fit in
Encourage me to stay trie to myself as the world fills my head with lies and influences
Guide me as I make my own mistakes with the wisdom from yours
Help me get through it all moment by moment as though it feels I am never going to come out
Stay with me when there is no tears left without saying a word
Be my strength when im hanging on by a thread
Let me help you when I feel like i need control
Push me when i become to lazy to get things done when its for my own good
Be my concious when I need to get back on the right track but dont want to be forced
Grow with me through the laughter and tears as we stand ready for what the world throws at us
Inspire me when there is nothing left."

It's funny how her note was about her being inspired and I became inspired out of it.

My exam art exam was pretty good today, I entered feeling confident and i think that makes a difference in itself. My Brett Whiteley knowledge really payed off. Oh and my dad is a legend, he brought the new frankie magazine home for me!! 

Monday, October 26, 2009

oh seriously, Brett Whiteley

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this artwork, I had always been so fascinated with Brett Whiteley and I was so excited to see one of his works that I just had to get a photo. i was feeling slightly dorky but I didn't care. I am a dork.
Brett Whiteley went to a boarding school in Bathurst (NSW) and decided he wanted to be a painter when he found a small book on Van Gough. This small book changed his entire life.
Since that photo was taken I have twice been to his  personal studio and seen many of his works ( including alchemy!!!! ) and they were even more incredible then I thought. His paintings are frequently mixed media and 3 dimensional. He had bizarre including canvases sticking out of other canvases. In my opinion,he is one of the best things to come out of Australia.

I was once again stuck indoors all day doing exams for boring subjects : maths and geography! I had history last which I was grateful for, tomorrow I have art woohooo which i am happy to study for because I do anyway.
 I have to pick any artist to study than I have to write an essay on them in the exam. I have chosen Brett Whiteley, I LOOOOOVE his art. I love the way that he portrays the body and the form. I once did a massive mixed media artwork inspired by him that was a landscape made out of body parts. No one ever did it quite like Brett Whiteley and no one ever will. 

500 days of not studying

All night I should have been studying for my exam tomorrow. I have not. I decided to watch 500 days of summer which was incredible... I love love love love Zooey Deschanel and the story line really impressed me. It was about love instead of being a love story. It got me thinking about why relationships end so much easier today then they used too and the reason I do not know, I really would like to know. I don't have much more to write really just that I'm thinking about love and why it ends, how people fall in love and how they fall out of love

Sunday, October 25, 2009

inspiration lacking

so there is a bath in my backyard and I don't really know why and i really want to do something cool with it but so far these photos are all I have. It is of my friend Emily and we were just mucking around. It's also not edited but i think i could do something really cool with a bath outside. ohhhh inspiration where are you?!?!!?!!
I know I have one follower so far but if anyone reads this feel free to comment me and let me know what you think i should do with this bath :)
apart from the bath i had an english exam today which i todally aced! I wrote about making butterfly gardens, having lemonade stalls and having to squeeze all my adventure ideas into weekends once i started school. 
oh and i have a joke...
what time is it when you need to go to the dentist?

tooth hurty! 

what is this

As the name of my blog states, the whole "blogging" scene is all new for me. I am Helen and all i want to do is get my hsc, get a communications degree, move to new york and work for a magazine. Nothing will stop me from doing this but right now i am suppost to be studying for my school certificate which really sucks but i plan to really pick up my act for year eleven and twelve. I figured that blogging would be a better use of my time than facebook because I get to practice writing. I don't really know where to go from that but I am sure I will get the hang of it soon enough. I am saving my money for a trip to Vietnam next year where I will experience many new things, I was talking about Vietnam to a friend today and she said i just had to start a blog so I could write about my travels when I go.. I decided to start now, and before i get to boring i will finish my first entry (with many more to come!)
cya laterrrrrrrr