Sunday, October 25, 2009

inspiration lacking

so there is a bath in my backyard and I don't really know why and i really want to do something cool with it but so far these photos are all I have. It is of my friend Emily and we were just mucking around. It's also not edited but i think i could do something really cool with a bath outside. ohhhh inspiration where are you?!?!!?!!
I know I have one follower so far but if anyone reads this feel free to comment me and let me know what you think i should do with this bath :)
apart from the bath i had an english exam today which i todally aced! I wrote about making butterfly gardens, having lemonade stalls and having to squeeze all my adventure ideas into weekends once i started school. 
oh and i have a joke...
what time is it when you need to go to the dentist?

tooth hurty! 


  1. lol. good joke.

    about inspirations..even I don't seem to find goood enough ones.

    The ones that popped into my mind were -

    if you don't wanna really have a bath outside
    * a painted aquarium with some pet fish on an aesthetic corner for your garden.

    * painting the outside for the charm; and getting a thick yet light cushion to put in and use it as a personalized reading area. When its raining or snowing, you can take the cushion in and so no damage.

  2. OMG! Those are great ideas...I feel like i should have some things just BURSTING into my brain, but i'm having some issues...It could just be i'm pretty tired right now...I'll try and get back to you on this :) !